Sunday, January 16, 2011


Speaking of SILK EGG, I love Allen Bramhall's take on how it "invade(s) the notion of context, not the life of the Author." I love it because it seems to be a conclusion only a reader can get to. It makes me wonder what the response would be by a reader who has never read anything before -- a reader who learned ABCs and words and then, for the first book, read SILK EGG.

Meanwhile, go HERE for Allen's map map that provides as stepping stones -- and it's fun for me to list the names dropped so I hereby list them! -- Henry James, Charles Baudelaire’s Poèmes en Prose, Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein, John Ashbery and citing specifically Three Poems, Buddha, Jung, Heidegger, and (I love it! even) boxer Bob Fitzsimmons (even before Manny Pacquiao got moi attention, I'd long had a boxing book in mind). What I like in part about seeing others referenced in relation to my work is learning said work's context in a way that the context was not predetermined by me as Author. Dear Reader, I've said it before: Moi is all about Toi.

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