Wednesday, January 12, 2011


In terms of my Amazon sales (through which I sell certain Meritage Press books and some of my own), my 2010 sales level dropped 13.3% from 2009. Basically, 2010 sales were lower than in each of the previous three years, which is to say, it was about even with my 2007 Amazon sales when I perhaps had half the books to offer through Amazon.

Just thought I'd cheer Moi up a bit by blogging this because, as the saying goes, Misery loves company! Life as a poetry publisher is life on the margins of the margins...!

2010 is also the first time that moi beloved distributor SPD asked me to refund some money from a prior revenue check because of a high degree of book returns. The good news just keeps coming in!

Actually, I'd better cease posting before ... the good news just keeps coming in!

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