Sunday, January 09, 2011


I am supplying the following "found blurb" for Dana Teen Lomax's upcoming full-length version of her Disclosure, to wit:
Dana Teen Lomax shows her ass and makes you want to kiss it.
–Eileen Tabios, Galatea Resurrects #12

That may be the best blurb I've ever provided anyone. I had reviewed a chap version of Disclosures in GR #12. I live, of course, to make you poets happy...

...because, in turn, karma makes Moi happy! To wit: Amazon Top Ten Reviewer Grady Harp just reviewed SILK EGG. Click below to see the whole thing -- I do suggest you see the whole thing since it calls Moi a "kaleidoscope":
Eileen R. Tabios continues to startle us with every publication she creates. Her mind must work like a finely turned kaleidoscope, every movement she makes results in something new, something we hadn't expected, something that starts our brains working in different ways. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE.

By the way, for the record, I love how this review says that Jorge Luis Borges is the "source of the ideas for all of these novels." That's not true: I actually wrote the novels, then later superimposed Borges over them--indeed, to keep this all "pure", I've been careful to avoid reading Borges' short story "The Libary of Babel." Having said that, I don't mind that O'Harp reversed the Borges application to the project as it affirms my thought that it would be relevant to reference Borges after the project was writ. Poetry, too, can engender inspiration as or viz illusion. Anyway, that's a nota bene for your process-obsessed Peeps; I live, too, to make y'all happy.

And what are you waiting for? You can still cheaply order SILK EGG through its E-Book Launch!

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