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I've turned down or otherwise had to pass on the last million invitations sent my way to do a reading or other gig. I don't take others' interest for granted. But I just can't leave the mountain except for the very managed carpool drives to my son's school. Well, now, it's a new year. So, of course I have a new book! But I'm not going to go anywhere to launch it. Which is a shame as it's one of my favorites among my own books and I'd love to celebrate its existence with others...

So hermit here instead is going to do an e-book launch. What does this mean? It means that I give you a chance to get my book at what would normally be its book launch rate (versus its listed retail price) were I doing a typical book launch. Good through Jan. 31, 2001, send me ten bucks and I'll send you my book SILK EGG: COLLECTED NOVELS, signed, with free domestic shipping if you live in the U.S. That'd be over a 41% discount, more if you include free domestic shipping.

My snailmail address is HERE and while you're over there, check out those Galatea Resurrects review copies in case something interests you! Meanwhile, here's new book info, now out and available for you:
from Shearsman Books:

Eileen R. Tabios: SILK EGG — Collected Novels
Published January 2011
Paperback, 132pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £9.95 / $17 / C$18.50
ISBN 9781848611436

Last century, I temporarily borrowed Jorge Luis Borges' chatelaine. I slipped off a certain key and made a copy before I returned it to its chains and the old man (OMG: can he ever snore!). Since then, I've been able to slip into Jorgie's Library of Babel whenever I wished—that permanent stain on the 7th floor's limestone windowsill was from the d'Yquem I'd carelessly spilled from my treasured wine glass (stolen previously from Vermeer). About a year after I wrote all of the novels that comprise SILK EGG, I returned to the Library of Babel's 7th floor with a bottle of Ajax cleanser ("stronger than dirt!") that I'd hoped would work this time in erasing proof of my unpermitted visitations: that hardened pool of "nectar of the gods" ever winking out a small sun from the bibliophilic dimness. It was during this yet again failed attempt at the domestic arts that I also stumbled across a book whose spine mirrored the color of the sweet liquid I'd spilled; I do love this wine's color—an apt symbol of enlightenment among Buddhists. I pulled out the book from the shelf, blew off the dust, opened it, and discovered there the same words that comprise SILK EGG. However, the novels were contextualized by the book's title: INEVITABLE GIBBERISH. I dispute the Library of Babel's context—but there's no need to take my word for it: I've decided to release SILK EGG to the public and have readers judge whether these novels are more than the leavings from more acceptable narratives as authors strive to use every letter, space and punctuation mark in every possible combination. (Eileen R. Tabios)

"The genius of Eileen R. Tabios is as generous as it is manifold. Reading Silk Egg, I suddenly feel myself becoming more perceptive, fantastical, mordant, impassioned, and artful. Just like the book itself. Read it, and the same can happen to you."
—Barry Schwabsky

Perhaps you'd be interested in seeing how a baker's dozen's worth of novels get to glimmer within one, 132-page book! It sure amused Moi a lot to pull it off!

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