Friday, August 28, 2009


Jim McCrary -- who believes Dogs Rule! and yep they do! -- has written the first play ever inspired by Achilles and Gabriela. And if you read through his one-act tome below, you'll see how he captured so niftily the spirit of the image that raised his pen:
A One Act Play (in verse)
Scene 1 – Archilles and Gabriela are walking through a row of dormant pinot grapes. Its a quiet winter day on the mountain.

Archilles – Yo Gabriela!
Gabriela – (Ignores him)
Archilles – Yo Gabriela.
Gabriela – Not now.
Archilles – Yo Gab…
Gabriela – (silent)
Archilles – Yo yo yo Gab!!!
Gabriela – (silent)
Archilles – Yo yo yo sister!!!
Gabriela – (silent)
Archilles – Yo Gab...yo yo yo yo
Gabriela – QUIT Yo-ing me!!!

McCrary -- you can dawg Moi anytime!

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