Monday, August 10, 2009


Michael likes to pick up the snailmail and sort through it. He typically reads each recipient's name out loud from each piece of snailmail. So, a week or so ago, I mailed him some stickers as I thought he'd get a kick out of getting mail. He did! He raved and raved over receiving mail -- he still has the envelope on a cherished part of his desk, long after the stickers were used!

So I'm really moved and pleased that his new Uncle John and Aunt Eve of NYC have decided to start sending him mail. There is no other person out there who'd have a reason for mailing my son, except his Mom of course who observes him every day that he sorts through Galatea's mail ("What's Galatea Resurrects?" he once asked, making Moi grin).

Anyway, after receiving his first mail from John, Eve and Cerise, he drew them a Thank You drawing -- to wit, he drew the part of our house where Eve has four paintings hanging. Eve, of course, is the brilliant artist Eve Aschheim. Here's Michael's drawing:

Naturally, Moi preens on his behalf and nudges y'all: Ain't it brilliant?!!! The two thingies on the floor, btw, are Achilles' chewed-up frisbee and Gabriela's bone.

Followers of Eve's work might recall some of the images -- the paintings we have are from the time Eve was doing work like THIS LOVELY "PALE CLEAR". John, of course, is the FABULOUS POET HERE.

Family Poetics is hard to beat!

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