Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The Halvard Johnson-edited issue of "WAR PAPERS: POETRY 3" is now available at Big Bridge.

Happy to be part of this issue with an ars poetica poem (that's also in NOTA BENE EISWEIN). Here's list of poet-participants, after an introductory poem of sorts, Barbara Guest's "Eating Chocolate Ice Cream: Reading Mayakovsky":
Norman Fischer / Poem on the Suicide of Lucas Carlson, November 2006, Brooklyn, New York

Bill Dunlap / The Very Origin of Artaud's Crablice

David Graham / Air Supremacy

Bobbi Lurie / tomorrow will be more real than yesterday

Jéanpaul Ferro / Letter from a Soldier

CL Bledsoe / Teeth

James Cervantes / Number Three of Photo Album Shuffled

Philip Metres / from "Ibn Gitmo Flarf Stations," #25 Ponzi Schemer Beaming Me Up

S. K. Kelen / Business as Usual: Three Almost Sonnets

John M. Bennett / Smoke Anda

Mary Kasinor / feeling ice cream and reading the internet

Rodney Nelson / Wages of Time

Alex Cigale / Huambo, Angola: An Explanation

Larissa Shmailo / Kalinivka/Prymsl/Dora

Michele A. Belluomini / Poem

Jan Clausen / Letters to God End Up in Ocean, Unread

Harry Gregor / You lower my jetty, is is yellow

Kate Shapira / Woonsocket

Nicholas Karavatos / Saw a Face in the Grain

Sophie Chamas / Seizure

AE Rieff / Child Verse

Edward Field / Secrets of a Woman, Our Dark Lady of Letters Susan Sontag (1933-2004)

Sharon Olinka / Meat

Joachim Matschoss / footscray

Hugh Fox / Every Day

Eileen Tabios / Ars Poetica (#100,000)

Basil King / The Possible Can Happen

Wayne Crawford / In the Shade of a Sunday Morning

Catherine Daly / "vegas, a roulette factory, and you"

Joe Ahearn / A History of Western Culture

James Finnegan / Red Cabbage

Sheila E. Murphy-/ Tremo(lo-la)

Russ Golata / Denizens of Dinner Death

Robin Morris / Soldier Girls

dirk vekemans / "autumn has come"

Gerald Schwartz / Eating Now, Reading Next

Gray Jacobik / Adjustments

Isaac Hock Walton / 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne, 2006–?

Lisa Siedlarz / Casualty Notification Officer

Seinhart Nickel / first killing then laughter then killing again

Hanoch Guy / Phoenician Glass

Gloria Frym / To Whom It May Concern

James Bertolino / Corn on the Macabre

David Howard / There Is Too Much Winter: Until Things Dry

Annie Christain / This Is a Robbery

Jared Schickling / The Irreligious Promiscuity of Metaphor . . .

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa / from Op / US

John Joynt / The Palace of Historic Employment

Roger Mitchell / Plague

Sean Patrick Hill / America, Take This Cup From Me

Stephen Vincent / Viet Nam Memorial Wrapped In Protest

Sybil Kollar / We Didn't Look Over That Way

Steve D. Dalachinsky / glissandos

James Iredell / Mexicans Living in the US to the Federal Government

Georgios Tsangaris / Romance after Chernobyl

Anny Ballardini / Eating a Sacher Torte while reading Derrida

Michael Heller / Maazel Conducts "Arirang" in Pyongyang (26 Feb 2008)

David-Baptiste Chirot / Raw butt ass naked waR

Jayne Lyn Stahl / To dine with friends…

Hugh Seidman / Conquest of Peru

John Roche / Spring Comes to Baghdad

Francisco Levato / from War Rug

Lynn Levin / Peace Is the Blithe Distraction

Ed Coletti / Gentle Little Pushes

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