Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm always happy when I see my poems invited into someone else's project because ... we love to be invited! And now I've got another reason for being delighted that my poems appear in the anthology NOT A MUSE, published by Haven Books of Hong Kong which, oh my, publishes "books for readers with a modern mind"! The very modern Moi is purring because NOT A MUSE is to be launched at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival in Bali!

Said festival is apparently "world famous" but I cheerfully confess I never heard of it because I don't generally pay attention to "literary festivals". If you're a poet and don't have the imagination to launch a lit festival in your own abode (if lit festival is what you want vs public acclaim), then how imaginative are you? But I digress.... So, well, nonetheless, it's Bali and I wouldn't mind this boondoggle at all! Boon that doggle as in
Linger over a literary lunch or candle-lit dinner in some of Ubud’s elegant hotels and gracious homes featuring our acclaimed writers and visiting chefs. Enjoy poetry under the shade of a Buddhist stupa and late night martinis and readings in one of Ubud’s legendary bars. Be dazzled by some of the finest performance poets in the region in grass-roofed venues surrounded by ricefields. Watch plays and theatre in Ubud’s temples set in frangipani and lotus gardens.

Frangipani anyone? I mean, I won't be there but Dear Public, You're invited, too! And if you go I just know you'd go to check out my poems in NOT A MUSE versus going to check out Paradise. I just know that when you hit that beach, that book will be in your tote bag snuggling up to your sunscreen. Yes I just know all that! You, that!

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