Friday, January 02, 2009


Were I younger by a year, by a mere six months even, I would begin and headline this post with something like: THE NEW YEAR IS ABOUT MOI. Instead, Moi thought she'd try to grow up and preeen less. But then -- and this is the truth -- how do I begin the first day of 2009? By seeing Moi as "Personal Favorite" (right next to Mother Teresa!) and then this generous review by Joey Madia over at New Mystics. Maybe I shouldn't fight it. Maybe this year is about MOI!

Sip. Morning coffee. Preen.

Okay, actually, it's interesting to see this review of a book I published seven years ago. Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole was my first U.S.-published book. Sold out its first printing in something like six months. To date, I've sold more of that book than ALL OF MY SUBSEQUENT BOOKS combined. Maybe you should check it out. Joey Madia thinks so:
In an age of electronic and "disposable art," where surfing the 'Net is akin to flipping endlessly through cable TV channels in search of reconnection in an atmosphere of isolation (calling to mind Robert Pirsig's line from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance that looking at nature through the car window is just more TV…), the meditative works in Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole defy the reader to simply skim and move on. The hooks are finely barbed and grab you in the deepest places ....ENTIRE REVIEW HERE

"Barbed" is a word I welcome for moi poems. Roses exist only with thorns.

Yah -- check it out why not? I'm cheap, I mean, moi book is cheap., one of only two companies whose revenues went up this holiday season, even has it available for an effin' penny. Quite obviously, Amazon ain't makin' its profits from poetry... Anyhooooo, let Moi not be diverted from Grace by meditating on the dollar sign, or its lack thereof. To wit:

Thank you, Joey Madia and New Mystics! And thank you Karen An-hwei Lee!

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