Monday, October 20, 2008


I still grin when I recall a reader of The Anchored Angel once telling me that he was happy to see E. San Juan, Jr.'s contribution because it's a prose piece rare for being comprehensible. Which is to say, "Sonny"'s particular brilliance is such that, uh, words often fail him. Grin.

But not in this article on Jose Garcia Villa (viz Ron Silliman where I seem ironically to be getting much of my e-news re Filipino poets nowadays...and who also helpfully links to Screaming Monkeys) headlined

"Salvaging The Disappeared Poet: The Case of Jose Garcia Villa"

It's really worthwhile reading...and One need not be a Communist to appreciate that judicious use of the word "salvaging...", di ba? Pinoys have such pungent sense of humor...


A review of Jose Garcia Villa's Collected Poems (Penguin) will be in the next issue of Galatea Resurrects. As the deadline for the next issue is Nov. 15, it's not too late for you reviewers to consider writing one for said next issue! Review copy information HERE.

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