Thursday, September 25, 2008


Oh don't have a heart attack. I don't even read the darn series (sorry David). I just learned of it tonight, in fact, from an email--thanks Joan! Anyway, I am in BAP 2008. Apparently, Charles Bernstein wrote a hay(na)ku entitled "Ku(na)hay" and drops my name in his BAP Notes (P. 153).

Ku(na)hay -- ain't that Charles cute?

Guest Editor 2008 is Charles Wright.

Sigh. Well, I guess I'd better go buy that BAP issue. Now that the government has screwed up my retirement account, my new retirement account is the Hay(na)ku Archives-in-progress that I'm sure universities will be competing to get sometime in the future when I'm toothless but still wanting money for ye olde wine habit.

Hm. To be in a Best-of-Poetry type of list through the footnote -- sound familiar, anyone (anyone who's ever eaten pancit, that is)? Chuckle -- as the hubby often dourly observes, I'm the biggest fan of my jokes...

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