Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I've been swamped and traveling so much lately that I only started last night to begin fulfilling the orders for Ernesto Priego's Tiny Book, "…And Then The Wind Did Blow...". I thank you for your patience, but the teensy books will be flying offa the mountain to your loving arms this week! And they will arrive with a bonus: hay(na)ku drawings by Moi!

Meanwhile, you can continue to order Ernesto's -- as well as Dan Waber's and Tom Beckett's -- Tiny Books; MORE INFO HERE! All proceeds go to Heifer International because Poetry Can Feed The World!

Meanwhile #2, Ernesto has an "Author's Note" about the poems in his Tiny Book; I wanna share an excerpt because Moi am the sharing sort, and I hope you find it as interesting as I do:
Because Eileen's first inspiration was the Japanese haiku and Jack Kerouac's take on the American haiku, I thought that it was only natural that some of us Spanish native speakers will think of the form as "jainakú" (we refer to the hayku in Spanish as "jaikú"). It has the same aspirated "h" sound, not the harder "gee" sound. (When we laugh in Spanish, we "ja-ja", not "ha, ha"). I have been experimenting with the hay(na)ku for some years now, and I have written them in Spanish, English and French. Eileen and other authors have referred to this form as a "diasporic" one, and for me it has been instrumental in my ability to express my experience as a Mexican living between geographical, cultural, political and linguistic borders. My jainakú are simply a humble and playful translation of the experience of the hay(na)ku; an attempt at appropriating (while sharing) a most generous poetic form that calls for a hospitable, democratic, multicultural, genre-bending, border-blurring phenomenology of the poetic experience in the times of savage capitalism and ferocious globalization.

A Teeny Book with a Beeeg Brain, yah? Tiny Big Yadda!

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