Saturday, September 29, 2007


If there's an area that needs its own to be its own editors/publishers, it's poetry! So it's just good to see poets who are editor-publishers recognized for their contributions, and among Didi Menendez's latest fabulous ideas are

Women of the Web Wide Poetry World
Men of the Web Wide Poetry World

Some fabulous reading. And I noticed that in her interview, poet-publisher-editor Anny Ballardini said, among other things:
9) What is your favorite poem as of today and why?

What a question. There are embedded poems, poems that you had to study over and over at school, that you had to quote to make yourself understood; then there are the favorite poems, the ones you read during the five-minute break. At the moment I am spending some time on Eileen Tabios' I take Thee, English, for My Beloved -- I could quote several as favorite poems right from this text.

Thank you, Anny! What a lovely surprise to stumble across that! (Click HERE to go directly to the rest of Anny's interview.) Anny, of course, is the editor-publisher of the stellar Fiera Lingue!