Sunday, September 16, 2007


Okay, if you MUST know, I was HERE.

Now, one of you thought "corn and a senator" sounded "romantic." Chortle. Well, fine -- go look at the romance unfolding HERE.

But whilst I was doin' what I needed to do to earn a PINK John Deere baseball cap by shootin' the breeze with 78-year-old Farmer ___ atop his big ol' corn combine, the hay(na)ku kept extending its world tour. To wit, a scholar-translator has asked permission for reprinting sections of The First Hay(na)ku Anthology as part of a paper on the hay(na)ku as a poetic form that's spread worldwide through the internet. Said paper would be presented at a "Literature Congress" in Yucatan next month. Well, what's to say No to? But of course of course....write away, Peep!

So many ways to Congress with Moi, so little time.

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