Monday, September 10, 2007


I'm in the middle of compiling a summary of the publishers whose books have been reviewed so far in Galatea Resurrects. The most represented publishers -- represented in terms of having their books reviewed at least four times -- are:

Meritage Press (San Francisco & St. Helena): 21 new reviews
Dusie (Switzerland): 19 new reviews
Marsh Hawk Press (East Rockaway, N.Y.): 18 new reviews
Ugly Duckling Presse (Brooklyn, N.Y.): 13 new reviews
Coffee House Press (Minneapolis, Minn.): 8 new reviews
Hanging Loose Press (New York): 7 new reviews
BlazeVOX Books (Buffalo, New York): 6 new reviews
Presa :S: Press (Rockford, MI): 5 new reviews
Auguste Press (San Francisco): 4 new reviews
effing press (Austin, Texas): 4 new reviews
H_NGM_N Chapbook Series: 4 new reviews
No Tell Books (Virginia): 4 new reviews
Otoliths (Australia): 4 new reviews
Ravenna Press (Spokane, WA): 4 new reviews
Red Morning Press (Granada Hills, CA): 4 new reviews
Salt Publishing (England): 4 new reviews

This tally doesn't, by itself, show the wide diversity of presses featured to date in Galatea Resurrects: 179 presses receiving new reviews; 42 presses receiving online reprints of previously print-published reviews; as well as reviews of four poetry videos, one poetry blog, one poetry audio project, and one poetry performance troupe -- all of which represent 12 countries in terms of the headquarters of the publishers or producers.

This is a particularly remarkable outcome to me; I still remember beginning Galatea Resurrects with just the fervent hope that I'd get just four or five decent reviews each time to make up an "issue." And you should have seen me rifling thorugh the stacks of poetry books in the house to come up with "review copies"! (That may affect how moi own Meritage Press is the top garnerer of reviews, so far. )

One can parse through this result for more conclusions (like small presses taking up the poetry publishing mantle). But we can leave that for the next issue of Galatea Resurrects when I'll share more data as part of moi Editor's Intro.

For now, if you're an author or publisher, go open Moi Purse for review copy and submission info. And, as ever, thank you to the reviewers who've written and are writing reviews/engagements for this idealistic venture.