Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I know the secret to Happiness. It's not love, fame, power, money or any of the usual suspects....It's not even poetry. It's


If you want to try to guess that word, I'll give you a hint: hints about it abound throughout this blog.

Oh, fine. I'll play Vanna White and give you a vowel:


Guess it and be happy!


The Fallen Angels gave me a most salubrious birthday present. The arrival of my first hardback cover. The hardbacks of The Light....and to have Mom be there when I opened the box. I know she thought as much as I did as we gazed at the cover, "Hello Daddy..."


Thank you to those who've expressed Birthday wishes. Yes, as The Light... reveals, I am not, after all, a "9-1-1" Baby. Joy. And, indeed, the hubby took Moi and Mom out to dinner yesterday not today. Birthday wine: 2003 Longwood Shiraz "The Sheep Shearer".

Then said hubby gave me a birthday card of a dog pooping on Mars. All very nice and sweet. I am happy.

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