Monday, September 24, 2007


Thank you, New York! If you go to Marsh Hawk Press' new web site, you will see some brand spankin' new photos from last week's launch. Appropriately, I am accompanied by a BIG BOTTLE OF WINE!

It was nice to have an internet "launch" of The Light just as I hit New York with Jesse Glass' review HERE. Thanks Jesse! Apparently, I write like your -- that's YOU, BABY -- your sister!

And since Burt Kimmelman just posted his introductions at the Marsh Hawk Press Blog, you also can see what this stellar poet-editor thinks about The Light... HERE. Thanks Burt! I never thought my maximalist bent would be linked in any fashion with Robert Creeley and of course such is an honor.

It does look like The Light... will be generating the most varied -- and intriguing -- responses so far among my books. For example:

               Ron Silliman Doesn't Call The Light "Poetry"!

Okay, that was just me doing tabloid headlining (which Ron sometimes does with his list of linkies). But in the comments section, Ron explains why and, yes, does touch on the the book's scope.

Which in turn might lead others to that ye olde question: But is it Poetry? All I can say is, if you think my bending of Puwetry is controversial, wait till you see how I torture the novel.

Meanwhile, thanks again to those who showed their loving faces (and I'm always delighted to see artists from other forms, like stellar visual artist John Morris), and to Sandy and Barbara Mcintosh for feeding Moi. A veritable feast this week, both literally and literarily!