Wednesday, September 26, 2007


One of my old short stories has been picked up by OurOwnVoice's just-released Special Issue -- A Restrospective on the Martial Law Years. Click HERE to read "Negros" which was birthed at a time when I was busily addressing Ferdinand Marcos' regime through short stories.

And here's an excerpt from OurOwnVoice's Editor's Introduction by Reme Grefalda:

Had we all come down this low? This crassness so blindly and ragingly hurled was a mirror of what we were Becoming. Had the dictator succeeded in making us enemies of each other?

* * * *

This retrospective issue is necessary for all our wounded psyches. For that one particular sore that won't heal. Remembering those years and what havoc they wrought in individual lives, airing the festering wound and bringing it to sunlight, or pondering on those times might guide us to new ways of thinking. Remembering how and why the years accumulated to produce our passivity in the face of Power Run Amok—even this shame!—must be confronted.

Here's OurOwnVoice's Official Announcement:

Dear OOV Readers,

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The issue is a Retrospective on the Martial Law years and it features poems by Doris Nuval and Isagani Serrano, incarcerated by Marcos during those years. Additionally, Luis Cabalquinto, Patria Rivera, Lori Medina, Benjamin Pimentel and E. San Juan Jr.are in the issue.

Retrospective essays on the times written by Ed Maranan, Doris Nuval Freddie Hernandez, Karl Gaspar and Ian Casocot are in this issue as well. And we are proud to include an essay on PETA (The Philippine Educational Theater Association) and the national theater scene that proliferated during the Martial Law era, submitted by Lily Ann Villararaza.

We have 3 short stories that will hopefully make you smile and be teary-eyed written by Eileen Tabios, Denis Murphy andAllen Gaborro.

In keeping with our penchant for bibliographies on certain subjects, we feature a bibliography of Martial Law literature and scholarly works in this issue.

Do visit! Your comments are always welcome.

Reme-Antonia Grefalda
and the Staff of OOV


The Light..., of course, also addresses Ferdinand Marcos' Martial Law and its aftermath.