Sunday, September 30, 2007


So, I don't have Comments on this Blog...which does mean that my backchannel email is often rip-roaringly fun. I think I'll share this one from a man with one of my favorite names, Karri Kokko--

Well, what do you know. I just finished reading "Light." Why, I enjoyed it very much. It's not a book, it's a library. One of those rare books that you might wanna take with you on a desert island. Or carry it around on trips. Because it's got everything, for every mood and every need. Poetry & prose, foreign stuff & translations, self-help & cooking tips, prayer, humor, even pics. A few words in Finnish, too.

And, like that ain't enough, just a minute ago, on television, somebody reads these words from a book:

Like a fiend in a cloud,
With howling woe
After night I do crowd
And with night will go;
I turn my back to the east,
From whence comforts have increased;
For light cloth seize my brain
With frantic pain.

- from Mad Song by William Blake

Light and pain, light and pain. Oh,man.

My best,

Oh, man, indeed. And I post it not just for its Preen-ing dimension but because I had been thinking of doing an immersion in Blake this October ...and this is an email that's turned my hemming and hawing about it to a confirmed YES. Sometimes, you gotta let the universe decide for you, youse know?

And thanks, Radiant Finn, for reading me...then writing Moi.

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