Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I lost the battle with the book designer. The Light... will feature Moi's author photograph on inside back cover flap. I think author photos are generally lame. But the overall cover design lent itself to this spot bearing an author photo versus the text that I was pushing the book designer to use instead. And it made sense for it to be a current photo (wrinkles beneath eyes and all that) because the Warholian image she'd unexpectedly done from one of my family photos utilized a 20-year-old shot of my face.

But at least I nixed her idea of getting a "professional shot." That would really be overweening.

Ah ha! Finally! I get to use the word "overweening" for something!

(And, no, this isn't about you who use professional shots. I ain't dissing you (after all, it's tough to top my wine habit in terms of overweening-ness). I'm just trying to reconcile with mugging future readers with my mug.)

I know -- this is all so interesting. Sip. Well, it's interesting when you're imbibing a glass of shiraz at midnight, okay. Chalk it up to ... overwhining ...

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