Thursday, March 08, 2007


This is a CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS, so to speak.

For the next issue of Galatea Resurrects, no less than (and no more than) Sandy McIntosh has agreed to do a feature with working title of "Worst Reviews". That title be self-explanatory, yah? So if you have the guts, please send over your worst review or an excerpt from a bad review to Sandy c/o

Now, in considering "worst" review, I'd assumed we were talking about negative reviews. But actually, if you feel a positive review is bad (maybe poorly written or what have you), feel free to share that. You can feel free to review the reviewer, or you can send the review to speak for itself.

This could be fun. Let's see if enough people are self-confident enough to participate.

Sandy, btw, is well-positioned to curate this feature. Because he has this review-masquerading-as-poem from his forthcoming FORTY-NINE GUARANTEED WAYS TO ESCAPE DEATH (Marsh Hawk Press, 2007). The review is of my (presumed) book INTESTINES -- I tell ya, in the spirit of The Blurbed Book Project, this is enough to want to make me to write ... a book titled INTESTINES! If only I wouldn't have to commit hara-kiri first to gut myself open so I can first look at those entrails -- that's what "Poetry as a way of life" means, yah?

Here's the conclusion of Sandy's "review" with the boldface mine:

...Tabios' process is isomorphic with the modern physical theory of wormholes in space, through which a traveler may find an instantaneous shortcut to a destination of unimaginable distance. This is alarming. Science is only beginning to explore these things with appropriate delicacy and forbearance. TAbios, not a scientist, is creating a terribly dangerous threat by persisting in this direction. I have always been against censorship, but in this case, at the edge of the deadly unknown--the unknowable--I urge that this literary work not be published. In my considered opinion, it should not even be written.

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