Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It's definitely worth nota bene-ing that I -- rather, Meritage Press -- just signed up Garrett Caples for a new poetry release this Fall entitled, COMPLICATIONS. That'd be Garrett's second poetry book since his celebrated celebration The Garrett Caples Reader.

Garrett, of course, is no stranger to Meritage Press as we'd released his swiftly-out-of-print-but-what-do-you-expect-for-a-limited-edition-from-someone-in-demand er, um.

COMPLICATIONS will be designed by the raved-for-poetry-book-designer-of-the-now Jeff Clark. Oh, and that Jeff be a purty good poet, too. Sip. Tonight, the 2005 Mollydooker shiraz...

Puts glass down.

Garrett is currently editing an unpublished volume of Philip Lamantia's poetry, to be titled TAU! It'll be published by City Lights, and include the poems of John Hoffman, whose poems Philip read at the infamous Six Gallery reading. TAU is due out in Spring 2008.  Now, THAT is ... Fantabulous News!

And she raises the goblet back up to toast ... the memory of Portuguese wine and olives with Philip...

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