Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I am deliberately leaving out the horseshit I experienced at AWP because Moi am all about positive energy. Sip. Tonight, the 1997 Behrens & Hitchcock merlot "Rudy's Cuvee" Napa Valley...

But I do want to share more blessings because, you know, it's Moi blog and anytime I'm blessed, Moi's role is to alert you all that I'm blessed. Sip.

So, I learned at AWP that the "Footnotes" section from Moi ENGLISH BRICK has been used in at least two workshops for -- and I love that we're not talking typical poetry workshop here -- the Austin Street Senior Center in Forest Hills, N.Y. and the Berkeley Rehabilitation Center in White Plains, N.Y. Basically, the BRICK's footnote section has all white pages with 1-3 line footnote poems at the bottom of the page. I'd always envisioned it as a great teaching tool, e.g. that folks might write on the mostly blank page a story or something that presumably generated the footnote.

Good idea, yah? Well, it worked at the above senior citizen and rehab centers! Perhaps you teachers should check out that section too. I don't even care if you buy the BRICK and just xeroxed the pages from the book to pass out to workshop students. When it comes to Poetry, do infringe moi copyright anytime. And of course don't tell any of my publishers I said this. Sip.

Second blessing was to meet Janet Holmes .. and she told me that she'd bought a wine bottle(s?) from the occasional "Relished W*h)ines" list that I post on this blog and, to quote Janet, "It was GOOOD!"

But of course! Sip...

Michelle also got a bottle from my last Relished Wines list and apparently it's now being considered as a reception wine for her sister's upcoming wedding. Well, yadda and Sip. But I need to let y'all know though that when you buy a wine from those relished lists, be sure to note the year because the same winery can generate good or mediocre bottles depending on the year.

My last AWP tale. I was congratulating a poet on his first book. He happens to edit a wonderful poetry journal -- or so I realized because he started soliciting submissions. My response? In so many words, "Thank you but no need to discuss my work. This is about YOU! Congratulations on your first book!"

The point? I feel blessed that that though my EGO no doubt can go D2D with the big boys, when it comes to Poetry I no longer feel desperate for its markers. Markers are for Dawgs, Achilles taught Moi, and can I tell you how it's impossible to prevent a dog from lifting his hind leg to further dominance when he pees on someone else's pee? Anyway...Sip.

And if you can't figger out what "D2D" means, well, so much the better. Sip. Dang if this wine ain't the kitty's roar...!

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