Tuesday, March 06, 2007


One of the most pleasure-inducing poems I read last year was "Diary of a Poem" by Barry Schwabsky. Fortunately, you too can now be blissed by checking it out at Dan Waber's lovely ars poetica project HERE. There's this stanza in Barry's poem

the essay melted
in the blood mine
as if we had any choice

that reminds me of the "essay" I'd presented at my AWP panel -- about how, in part, I discussed the multigenre approach including that ye olde prose vs verse tension. My essay concluded with how I've proceeded to a poetics of loving language so much, that sometimes (when faced with language's expanse) that Love "just swallows that line-break."

Also special is Jordan Stempleman's LOVE for Tom Beckett's UNPROTECTED TEXTS -- you really should check out Tom's book! It gives good Love!

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