Friday, January 26, 2007


Que horror! I am realizing "Moi" doesn't translate well beyond the blog!

Which is to say, I'm trying to finalize the manuscript for my Fall '07 book, which contains texts originally written as blog posts. And I find myself editing out a lot of references to "Moi." It seems that Moi, when taken outside the context of this blog, can get rather cloying.

(I know some of you find Moi cloying, even on the blog -- I don't want to hear from you.)

So, shitski -- I'm editing Moi out. Always interesting -- the significance of context.

Meanwhile, let me share Advance Words on my book, THE LIGHT SANG AS IT LEFT YOUR EYES (Marsh Hawk Press, Fall 2007). Yep -- a blurb. I hope you like this blurb. I bought it. Yep -- I paid good money for it for a good cause. It better be a good cause -- coz that'd be the only way I'd lapse to blurbs at this point. Here 'tis--enjoy!

Eileen Tabios' new criminal-renal-cultural-nasal collection 'Carbon World Decorator Witness Let' – or The Light Sang As It Left Your Eyes -- eating one Eileen Tabios' the state Nostra do not catch up with her before it is completed. Eileen Tabios inebriates. living and non-living matter as and reflexively referential observation that constantly calls into question the gravitational fields autumn eat crumbs... No, Tabios popped; the cork with the original is world around it, the weeks, months, All will only first glance, but the novice self-taught in edition. The historic court ruling is an extremely flattering portrayal. Eileen Tabios is pharmaceutical be easily of building up his/her mountain Tabios' pseudo-romantic indoctrination the World of reader. I dug it, yo.
--Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

This blurb was purchased for this book as part of a fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina’s victims. For more information, see the performance poetry project THE BLURBED BOOK PROJECT .

Heh. "Tabios popped." And Jukka dug it, yo.