Thursday, January 25, 2007


Thrilling Manila sent over some photos of "Chromatext Reloaded" being installed. This historic Thrilla in Manila exhibition should open...hmm, today!

Here's an installation shot of my piece -- actually, my vizpo poem on its five sheets are on the ground awaiting to be hanged, but you can see the blood-red crucifixion backdrop against which they'll be pinned. In the first photo, I'm honored to feature Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) President Nes Jardin, who came to take a peek. Guess that makes him one of Moi Peeps!

And in second photo below, you'll see another shot of the gallery as the installation proceeds; the mannequin, by the way, features a wedding dress embroidered with Carlomar Daoana's poem "(A Notion of) Marital Bliss":

All so thrilling! And you Peeps reading this and who have a chance to see the exhibit? CHECK IT OUT! Feel free to deface my poem! Bring it on! Bring on that magic marker or its equivalent! Go ahead, Baby(ies): Let's Make Art History Together!

Deface Moi!

Any poem of mine would be BORED just hanging out on a wall. So:

Deface Moi!

But don't tell them I sent ya...or be caught by the suits!