Friday, January 19, 2007


This should be very interesting -- and YOU ARE INVITED!

There will be a book signing [with refreshments and finger foods] at SCI_Arc on Wed. night, Jan. 24, to celebrate publication of Bruna Mori's Dérive by Meritage Press, Norman Klein's Freud in Coney Island by Otis Books, and Benjamin Bratton's introduction to Paul Virilio's Speed & Politics by Semiotext[e]. Please stop on by -- participants look forward to catching up and discussing drift, dromology, and disappearance.

Please note that within a mere few weeks from its release, Bruna Mori's Dérive is an SPD poetry bestseller -- do check out this unique and enchanting book!

Wednesday, January 24, 7:30pm

Disappearing Cities:
Book Signing + Short Reading

Ben Bratton, Norman Klein, and Bruna Mori
SCI_Arc's Kappe Library
960 E. 3rd St. [downtown]
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Ben Bratton, Norman Klein, and Bruna Mori offer interpretations of city as media and personal warfare, re/imagined urbanisms and forgotten histories, peripatetic literature and psychogeography, rented spaces, and dreamed-of places. Join them for their presentations on cross-genre city writing and to celebrate their recent publications:

Speed & Politics
by Paul Virilio
introduction by Benjamin Bratton

Freud in Coney Island
(Otis Books/Seismicity Editions)
by Norman Klein

(Meritage Press)
poems by Bruna Mori
paintings by Matthew Kinney