Saturday, January 13, 2007


This morning, I had an e-exchange with Luis Francia whereby Moi delivered the welcome news that SPD's latest restocking order for his book Museum of Absences is for more books than I (as Meritage Press) have on hand and does he have access to more copies (the book is copublished with the University of Philippines Press). Fortunately, Luis has said access and so, not to worry Peeps: you can continue to get his book from SPD in the future...

I blog this because, IT'S A MOMENT. A moment that rarely happens for a poetry publisher: when demand exceeds supply. Meritage Press only has one out-of-print book, which is Garrett Caples' and Hu Xin's er um, but that was a limited edition (and, thus, limited print run).

In the future, Meritage Press won't have this problem of going out of print (unless a reprinting occurs) since the majority of my books will likely use print on demand. But, for now, I celebrate the demand for Luis' poems -- Mazel Tov!

That is (heh), Mabuhay!