Thursday, January 11, 2007


Right here!!!

Okay, okay. It's more accurate to say


since the "blog" in question is not this one (hmpf) but Galatea Resurrects'. Thanks to Matthew Schmeer. You got it right on moi taste -- "a lot of love."


Some Nota Benes:

1) I've put out four issues so far and based on that record, Matthew calls Galatea Resurrects "an online publication dedicated to reviewing primarily small press poetry books". That's true based on what's evident so far, but it's not because I intend for GR to be primarily for the small press. One of the things I wanted to experiment with was just leave it to the internet-ether, I mean, fate as to who would end up being interested in GR. As it turns out, so far, it's mostly been small press publishers who've sent in review copies. But I am open to any type of poetry publisher...even any of the biggies (oh, you biggies don't need me, you think? Tsk -- think again (wink).)

2) Matthew says there's no historical context in GR. Is that right? I may not understand to which he specifically refers, but I personally think there is a distinct historical context to GR -- some might call such blogland. See how modern, how 21st century, Moi am? On the other hand, of course, true love is timeless...