Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I suspect that reading Orhan Pamuk's moving Nobel Prize acceptance speech (via Rodney) helped effect me waking up this morning with a hay(na)ku on moi bitten lips:


I love

you. Forgive me.

Which reminds me to thank the all of you who thought to drop a caring note this past Holidays; you all were very aware that it was the first holiday season after Dad died last April.

And the effect of Pamuk's speech? It makes true what one of you said: the death of a parent just reverberates forever. Agonizingly forever and ever and ever...

You should never be shit to people you love. Or, better yet: just don't be shitty to people and whoever and whatever else in the entire universe.

I have to send the manuscript for my Fall 2007 book over to Marsh Hawk Press by the end of this month. This is the book I wrote for Dad, entitled The Light Sang As It Left Your Eyes -- never has copyediting so hurt-ed.