Monday, January 22, 2007


"You arrive at truth through poetry; I arrive at poetry through truth."
--Joseph Joubert

There was a span of a couple of years, some years ago, when I used to quote that Joubert frequently. Which is to say, more recently:

Brad Pitt was discussing how strippers changed his life ... and segued into how manliness is defined by being a real-life father instead of being a film's fictional character. To wit:

"I caught myself on the phone the other day – Leo (DiCaprio) has been playing some real strong men these last few years, and I found myself saying, 'I want to play more of a man.' I got off the phone and I thought, 'No. Live like a man, and the movies will follow.'"

Poetry is all around us; we need only be lucid enough to see ... Brad Pitt's point is what I meant in my interview with Tom Beckett, when I sez:

... I would like no seam between how I live and how I write my poems. That just as I want to write good poems (however “good” is defined), I’d like to live as a good person, which is to say, as a responsible human being. I know that some poets who may be awful as people are nonetheless capable of writing and have written good poems. But I’d like no difference, if possible, for myself. As a poetics, this means that I choose to have faith that being a good person is relevant to writing good poems -- there is much proof that the poetic process need not work this way but I’ve decided that, consciously anyway, I would like to minimize psychic dysfunctional tendencies between my psyche and poetry.


You can take the above seriously, or believe I just wanted to have a post headline of:


What sez your lucidity?