Saturday, January 20, 2007


This is usually about the time of year when I reconsider the decision to attend AWP. But, this time, I'll go!

Which is to say, I won't be arriving at AWP until Thursday late afternoon/evening, after which I'll be helping to woman the Marsh Hawk Press Table in the BookFair. If anyone wants to trade books with me, backchannel me at and I'll bring books to trade (I'll also take chaps for my books).

Meanwhile, here's my panel info -- hope to see you there or during Bookfair:

Friday, March 2, 2007:
Cherokee, 2nd Floor
F144. "Found in Translation: Poetry that Stems from Multilingual Homes." (Sandra Simonds, Eileen Tabios, Johannes Goransson, David Lau, Addie Tsai, Dominika Wrozynski) This panel explores the advantages and difficulties of being raised in a multilingual home and the aesthetic, outcome(s) of such an upbringing on the craft of poetry. Can a poet be caught between two or even three languages in an attempt to convey meaning? If we leave one language behind, can we ever feel at home writing in the one that we have found? Is poetic silence different from language to language? Finally, we will broaden out to look at the interconnection between multilingualism and the current sociopolitical environment in the United States.