Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Okay -- so as of this post, I have 38 brand new reviews for Galatea Resurrects' Fourth Issue which will be released later this month. GREAT. But, Peeps, that is 10 less reviews than the prior/current issue which offers new reviews of 48 publications.

Now, I have to go to Mexico , and won't be back home -- and online -- until late Tuesday. So I will keep taking reviews until next Wednesday, Nov. 22 (probably even Thursday if you let me know). Okay?

I do have more than 10 commitments out there -- and any of you certainly are free to just send over a review -- so that it's still possible that I can win my bet with this one Peep who'd bet I wouldn't be able to top 48 new reviews. (Send reviews to

Work with me, Peeps. I am blind and I play poker poetics -- surely you don't want me to lose Moi bet?


Meanwhile, I continue to update Galatea Resurrects' list of available review copies as books come in the snailmail almost daily. Please check it out!