Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Okay -- am about to take off for 2 wine gigs and 1 poetry gig in New York. (The latter is a 2-day conference and this is to confirm to y'all who've asked that, due to requisite wine-whining, I only will be able to attend the Saturday conference where I am presenting; hope to see you there!). And until I return Sunday, am not likely to blog.

So whilst you miss me, please to chew on the cover of my upcoming book DREDGING FOR ATLANTIS below -- it'll be a delicious collection!

So many books, so many books! Consequently, I've writ mucho (too mucho) bios throughout the years -- but it's worth sharing my favorite lines ever from a bio -- this is from my bio for ENGLISH:

She feels it is her fate to make books -- authored by her and others -- partly because, as a two-year-old, she once folded a piece of paper and proclaimed it a "book." According to her mother, she pointed to a green crayola slash on the bottom of the first page and read it as, "The grass is green." She then turned the page to point at a yellow crayola slash at the page's upper left corner and read it as, "The sun is out." Then she pointed to a brown crayola slash at the bottom of the third page and read it as, "The sun browned the grass."

That, my dears, was the Bookish Baby Moi! And here is the cover to her next book:

Thanks Mark and Harry!