Thursday, November 02, 2006


Is a poet inherently a collaborator?

If so, who's pushing that form?

Note to Self: They are wrong: a question is not necessarily a quest.


Moi am blathering away at poetry-collaborations over at Roger Pao's Asian American Poetry Blog...

...which is nifty because, as usual -- with no prior planning on moi part, I swear -- there I was this morning driving through the rain to drop copies of that brilliant collaboration, 100 MORE JOKES FROM THE BOOK OF THE DEAD by John Yau and Archie Rand, over at SPD. Apparently, it's likely to be picked up as a text!

Yay! And, indeedy, word is just starting to get out that 100 MORE JOKES... is actually a great educational tool, in large part due to John Yau's essay regarding collaborations in back of the book. You teach? You teach poetry, visual art, visual poetry, or the physics of agriculture? You check it out, please!