Saturday, October 28, 2006


I am sitting here tickled pink -- while, admittedly laughing at moiself for feeling said pink -- at having received a review copy of Max Winter's The Pictures from Tarpaulin Sky for Galatea Resurrects (Galatea)!

So what's special about this review copy? Well, it's the first time that Galatea has received an "advance" review copy in that this publication's release date is February 2007. Whoooo-hoooo! See what a simple gal I am to be so easily pleased, I mean, tickled pink? On such elements does a review journal editor thrive.

Pink Whooo-hoooo!

It seems just like yesterday when, as I thought of and began plans for doing a review journal, I was worrying Moi's purty little head on how to get review copies (why would anyone send to Moi since I had no experience doing such a project? You should have seen me scrounge my bookshelves for extra copies of poetry books just so that initial review copy list didn't seem like it was all books from my press!) And now, I've received my first "advance" review copy! As I said,

Pink Whooo-hoooo!

And, now, this is also to say that, due to travel plans, I am extending the deadline for Galatea's next issue from Nov. 5 to Nov. 12 (though, the sooner the better always for sending them in).

So keep on sending them in...the next issue looks to be fabooo.

And by the way, a check on my commitments for reviews shows that it's now at about 60 new reviews (hope this all comes through!), of which 68% were generated from reviewers looking over the received review copy list and asking to see them!!!!!

So authors and publishers -- there is quite a decent chance someone will engage with your publication if you send Galatea a review copy. Information on submissions and review copies here.