Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I blather and the world takes me seriously.

I'm grateful of course ... and now here's the latest --

I just got a sublimely silly email -- though I'm sure the writer was serious -- requesting my wedding dress pinned with poems (from my "Six Directions" project) to be sent over to a Visual Poetry Exhibition in Asia next year.

Geeeezus. I don't think so. That wedding gown has been so used that it's barely hanging on to its sequins. Matter of fact, some would say my wedding gown wasn't used so much as abused -- check out the hilarious illustration on his link! And, obviously, with all those gals and boy who've worn it, it ceased being white a loooooong time ago.

So, instead, I'll be sending over some poetry drawings/collages. But Whoooooo-ooooh if that Six Directions won't cease expanding!! That's the great thing about Love Poetics -- it grows infinitely!