Wednesday, November 15, 2006

from the series "What I Do to Amuse Moiself"

Got an email that pronounced I apparently "kicked ass" at this past weekend's conference in New York.

Guess that bodes well for a certain anthology since I delivered a first draft of a paper positing Babaylanism as an alternative to modernity (hi Leny, hi Jean). Or was it the poems I read from DREDGING FOR ATLANTIS (hi Mark).

In any event, after briefly preening over said email, it occurred to me that never has someone been so applauded as she writes her way to obscurity. (Alternative to modernity? Ooops...there go those critics who might have wanted to say something about my work....hee).

Or, as I dreamt two nights ago when, I suspect, I was wondering what the &*)(*^%$ it all means (because it so wreaks havoc on Moi's back) to release 15 books in 11 years, the true Voice of God proclaimed:

You have a lot because you don't give a shit.

To which I mischievously reply this morning -- "So, Mi Lord, what would it be like if you sent me an Angel who never fell? I'ma jes curious, you know..."