Saturday, June 01, 2013


Last night was the Baseball Banquet for Michael's school, graciously hosted by the faboo Frank Winery.  Here is the JV team, on which -- to my and his father's pride -- Michael played (he's at top left of the shot on whose image you can click to enlarge).

We've been so proud of of Michael's attitude in baseball.  He's not gotten much playing time since most of his teammates grew up playing the game in Little League et al.  This is basically his second year playing/learning baseball.  But, last night, the Coach said about him that toward the end of the season, he let Michael play in the last three games and he batted 4 for 7!  I have no idea what that means but the Coach said the stats made him think that he should have played Michael more!

It's all good.  So inspiring.  Almost makes me want to write a baseball poem ...

Speaking of poems, have I mentioned that Michael got a poem published in his school's annual literary journal?  I haven't mentioned that yet?  No?  Well, he did!  And here's the poem!


Do you know this kid? His name is John.
I bet you know John.
You might not even know you know John.

You see him sometimes, isolated,
Not socializing with others.

You see him sometimes skipping lunch.
You see him swallow hard, watching others
toss part of their sandwiches
or apples into the trash cans.

Maybe you don’t see John at school
and you wonder where he is.
Have you ever guessed why John
was absent from class?

Maybe he is helping his dad on a job
to be able to support the family.

How many are we in our English class?
I count 19 students.
Did you know that one out of five kids
in the United States is poor?

19 students in our class.
This means that, on average,
Maybe three or four of us are poor.

I bet you know John.
You might not even know you know John.

Mom is so proud ...

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