Monday, June 17, 2013


Just posted on LinkedIn:

POETRY Recommendation (#2): ALL IS FORGOTTEN, NOTHING IS LOST (novel involving poets and ars poetica) by Lan Samantha Chang (Norton, 2010). My recommendations are generated from what I fall in love with from frequent reading of poetry, chosen at random most of the time from a desire to read poetry (and about poetry) as widely as I can.

This was also part of my vacation reading whilst in Oregon, which was simply lovely.  Ironically, I don't have photos from the Shakespeare Festival.  But here's a photo from Crater Lake which we also visited:

and also from our visit to University of Oregon -- never too late to push college on the kiddo!  Here's the son and hubby with the U of O mascot, ye olde duck!

Actually, here's Michael with the big "O" (perhaps graphically the best treatment I've seen of this letter)

which he brought over to Crater Lake:

Which is to say, I'm back!

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