Wednesday, June 26, 2013


what more can one want? But there's more in the just-released issue of OurOwnVoice which is fresh and full of lovely lovelies. Among them, my essay on Jean Vengua's haptic drawings:

Post Visual: Jean Vengua's Haptic Drawings

which was really fun to do. We both give props to Stephen Vincent for the original inspiration of haptic drawings. I love Geej Langlois' conflation design (which you click on in OOV to get to the article):

I'm also blessed to have a review of "the avant garde" THE AWAKENING by Aileen Ibardaloza

and then

an engagement of an older (but still favorite) book, MENAGE A TROIS IN THE 21ST CENTURY,  along with Joi Barrios' fabulous poetry, by a writer new but now beloved to Moi: "The Self Revolution of Radical Love--Externalizing Internal Worlds of Freedon in Filipina Poetry" by Michaela Spangenburg. Nifty title.  

[Did you pay attention to this post?  Are you interested in a menage a trois courtesy of a book?  Click HERE for more info--if the book seems interesting and you email me in the next 24 hours ( with your snailmail addy, you get a comp copy!  It's an older book, but I always thought it one of my best and I don't mind it getting more play ...   Moi loves to play!]            

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