Sunday, February 10, 2013


I began Sit With Moi about two months ago when I was bored during insomnia (boredom and insomnia is not a good combination).  I created its blog, but didn't really know where the project was to go -- and that's why I threw it open to the public as I knew that in that public interaction, something I could not plan and anticipate would flower.  What flowered was/is:


I began Sit With Moi with seven chairs and seven books.  Today, we have 45 chairs and 35 books.  That's a fairly fast pace of growth!  Can it continue?  If it does, I have hopes of future exhibits and a coffee-table type book from the blog content!

YOU ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE with a mini-book. You can interpret "book" any way you wish... heck, mccrary just folded a photograph!

You can even send mini-chairs; you can interpret "chair" any way you wish, too (have you seen my toilet paper roll stools and binder clip chaise lounge?)  And, at the moment, I'm preparing an email to New York-based quilter Alice Brody who's agreed to create some throws for some of the chairs -- what did I say? Everyone loves miniatures!

I hope to see you ... there.  Sit for a while...!

Yes, you can send more than one book or item.
Any questions?  Talk to Moi at