Thursday, December 13, 2012


Because I'm not busy (hah), I came up yesterday with a new project -- a new way to invite you to poetry:


The blog was intended to focus on my modest but growing miniature chair collection, but it ended up also being an attempt to generate new poems.  So, from miniature chairs to poetry -- why not?  But the leap was unexpected: looking at the image of my miniature chairs -- where no one is sitting on them -- it occurred to me that the image of an empty chair is poignant.  So alone.  Unless, one pulls up a chair to someone and commences a conversation.  Hence, "Sit with Moi!"

For poets, I also have a request.  As I begin detailing the etymologies (hah) of my miniature chairs, I'd like to expand the collection to include other poets.  So if you are a poet with a miniature chair you'd like to send my way (gratis or in exchange for a poetry book or for some other arrangement we can discuss), please contact me at  Your miniature chair could be a former toy, a spare tiny chair, a dust collector now, etc.  But I promise it a new life within the company of my chairs!  I'd like to present "my" collection in the manner I've presented several of my poetry books (e.g. HERE): as not just authored by me but by others as well.

Interestingly, when I put out the Call for Chairs to the wonderful Pussipo Listserve, I didn't get a chair but did get a chair-photograph by Mel Nichols which already ended up generating a new poem.  So, if you want to be creative in responding to my Call, feel free!

Here I am seated.  Come SIT WITH MOI!

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