Monday, December 10, 2012


Yes, yes I'm workin' hard to put out the next issue of Galatea Resurrects!  It'll be another faboo issue!  On a wine-break here, just want to note that I'm so pleased that the next issue will expand our new-review coverage to 1,200 books and other poetry projects!  Covering 460 publishers in 17 countries so far! 

To date, here's the Top Ten of publishers who've received GR review coverage (which is significant partly if one knows that the distinct majority of GR reviewers choose which books they wish to review):

Meritage Press (San Francisco & St. Helena) -- 55 reviews
Dusie (Switzerland) -- 49 reviews
Ugly Duckling Presse (Brooklyn) -- 45 reviews
Coffee House Press (Minneapolis) -- 37 reviews
BlazeVOX Books (New York) -- 35 reviews
Marsh Hawk Press (New York) -- 32 reviews
Otoliths (Australia) -- 30 reviews
Ahsahta Press (Boise, Idaho) -- 21 reviews
Belladonna (Brooklyn) -- 19 reviews
No Tell Books (Virginia) -- 18 reviews
And here's one of the reasons why the above list is possible: jim mccrary, one of Galatea Resurrects' more popular reviewers with his kitty kat Abby and Xmas tree.  For such information and images, you love to come to Moi Blog:

Hm. Moithinks that Abbicat is like my white cat, Artemis -- a little diet couldn't hurt...

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