Saturday, March 03, 2012


So. What do President Obama and I have in common? We'll both be speaking in May at my beloved Barnard College!

For the President, he'll speak at the Commencement, while I'll speak at the Reunion Dinner for the Class of 1982 who'll be celebrating its 30th Reunion this year!

Here was Meryl Streep when she was Commencement Speaker in a prior year, with Barnard President Debora L. Spar and distinguished alumna and Pulitzer winner Anna Quindlen:

Here's third-time (yeah!) Oscar-winner Meryl again as I can't believe I once was as fresh-faced as those surrounding her!

Thank you, Barnard -- you were the one to introduce me to ... the world.


By the way, let's see if Barack Obama does a better job than when Adlai Stevenson delivered the Commencement at Smith College. Chuckle...

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