Tuesday, February 14, 2012


...was amused recently to see an article lauding a poet-art critic for his writings about so-called "unfinished" paintings. Said poet-art critic apparent was able to categorize artists together in such category, including perhaps some artists who otherwise would be (aesthetically) unrelated. This is a Peep who, as a poet, developed his own craft while "open-ended" poems were becoming the rage (so to speak, poetry of course is never really a rage...).

While I don't know which is chicken and egg -- whether 'twas the observations on contemporary (latter 20th century) art that influenced the poetry-writing or vice versa -- it's certainly possible that it was the writing of deliberately non-conclusive poems that guided the eye towards looking at paintings, rather than that the paintings themselves presented themselves unmediated by that poetry influence.

Not a criticism of the Peep, of course (is there really such a thing as an unmediated experience?). But am amused to see .... Poetry directing the traffic. Such a mischievous traffic cop, this Puw-etry...


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