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POETS ON ____ Announcement:

We're pleased to provide the January updates to the POETS ON ____ Series below:


Paula Friedman
(the reunited birthmother of a son who was given up for adoption as a baby)


Danny P. Barbare
("Reciting my poetry as I work as a janitor. Poetry about work.")

Lisa M. Drago
("This recession has inspired me to start writing poetry for the first time in over 25 years.")

Robert Gibbons
("people are coming out of port authority / like water; see them in a place / that will spit them out like a cough; people / are walking into nowhere; into a place / as tall as steal")

Ed Go
("'It takes a certain kind of person to be an activist'")

Howie Good
("...utterly ineffective our so-called 'leaders' have been in addressing the economic suffering engulfing the country.")

Lori M. Izykowski
("Insidious Recession // Quietly invading, present without presence.")

Karla Linn Merrifield
("I make a last call for action / on Facebook and LinkedIn: Submit now . // Time is of the essence to the movement / as time always is. I channel // Ginsberg to howl, Ferlinghetti to roller- / coaster us into archetypal dream. // I implore Snyder to bow / from his mountainside, embracing // us in spirit in these pages. / We shall Occupy the Universe ...")

David S. Pointer
("The current recession just drives home to me that most Americans don't know what happened to political poetry.")

JP Reese
("I have never written more poetry or with as much power as I have in the last two years. The acceptance of possibly losing just about everything in the material world has concentrated my vision.")

Sarah Sarai
("When a Wedgwood saucer is held to light / to see its roses bloom, a foreclosure gets its wings.")

Ray Sharp
("If corporations are people / and loves are lives that are born and die, / we were downgraded to junk bond status / ... / I gave you 99 percent of my heart, / more than I could afford, and still / we ended up bankrupt.")

Hal Sirowitz
("It doesn’t cost much to be creative. Ted Berrigan said if you’re a writer and the choice is between buying a book or a meal, always go for the book.")

We are still open to participations from other poets who wish to share about their experiences and effect on their poetry. The Participation Call for POETS ON THE GREAT RECESSION is at, and for POETS ON ADOPTION at Please spread the word.

Thanks for engaging,

Eileen Tabios
Curator, POETS ON ____ Series
Contact Info:

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