Thursday, February 02, 2012


SILK EGG's got two reviews, the first a revooooo in Press 1 by Thomas Fink. Here's an excerpt which I like because it is quite elucidating:
Dried papayas are still papayas, just much smaller ones.

Kidding, she chuckles. That sentence is indeed in the deeply intellectual review but perhaps here's one that does elucidate:
Tabios has performed what many would call an act of “shrinklit.” Those who don’t like to take the time to wade through a 350-page tome but want to have an aesthetic experience that includes some of the same ingredients will appreciate her consideration,...

I am considerate, indeed. Also a selective cutnpaste-r. That above excerpt continues on to say, "whereas those who believe that protracted immersion is a central component of novel-reading will not."

Fie. I can go Russian-long if I want to. I am the author, after all, of BRICK and SON-OF-A-BRICK! Anyhoo, I digress: do go read the review and if you go to the end, why, you will find out, Dear Reader, that you are a Writer, too!

The second review is by Nicholas Spatafora in OurOwnVoice.

Now, don't y'all want to know what peeps are talking about? Of course you do! Condition-precedent, though, would be to acquire those eggs. How-Tos and Where-Tos available HERE! Not to mention how they'd be a great source of protein!

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