Saturday, February 25, 2012


Michael is much more enjoying his experience at his new school. Here he is in his spankin' new baseball hat -- he was just accepted to the JV Baseball Team! We're so happy as he'd never played baseball before, but the Coach said he improves rapidly! That's my natural-athlete son! Not to mention muy guapo, si?!

Achilles, as ever, remains a fan! I'd better go read up on baseball -- it's a sport I've ignored since the hubby introduced me to it by encouraging me to be a Red Sox fan some years back and then ... that ball rolled between that player's legs (I'm sure you rabid baseball fans know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!). I can't remember the dude's name but I'll never forget that rollercoaster emotional horrific journey -- talk about being dropped off a cliff. And now I must return to the sport because ... I'm a Mom!!

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