Friday, February 17, 2012


I'm pleased to be part of this, and encourage moi Peeps as well to participate!

Basil's Arc: The Paintings and Poetics of Basil King

We, The Friends of Basil King, have organized to call attention to Basil’s amazing work straddling two major creative forms – painting and poetry. While his books and public readings have garnered praise and attention, the vast majority of his visual work has never been publically available.

We have commissioned a film, Basil King: Mirage, by Nicole Peyrafitte and Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, to depict the intimacy between writing and painting in his work, with special attention to his visual art. Here is a one-minute trailer:

This film will premiere as part of “Basil’s Arc – The Paintings and Poetics of Basil King,” celebrating his achievements. We'll have talks and performances along with the film -- on September 22, 2012, in New York City.

We have already raised half the funds needed to complete the film and host the event! We need $7,000 to complete the project.

Please join with us in creating a memorable introduction to what George Quasha called “a self-contained civilization waiting for visitors.” TO DONATE BY CREDIT CARD OR PAY PAL ACCOUNT click this link and use the DONATE button.

Lunar Chandelier, Kim Lyon's small press, is hosting the online donations. If you prefer to SEND A CHECK, make it out to Kimberly Lyons, with "Basil's Arc" on the memo line. Mail to Kim c/o V. Bakaitis, 323 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Even small gifts will help get us there.

The Friends of Basil King:
Mitch Highfill, Vincent Katz, Burt Kimmelman, Martha King, Kimberly Lyons

Please consider forwarding this appeal to anyone you know who may also be interested.

For more information about the film or the program, visit the King Ink blog at

Our early advisors, friends, and supporters:
Bill Berkson
Vyt Bakaitis
David Kirschenbaum
Nicole Peyrafitte
miles Joris-Peyrafitte
Tom Patterson
Elinor Nauen
John High
George Stanley
Eileen Tabios
George Quasha
Jeffrey C. Wright
Mark Lamoureux
Lee Ann Brown
Lewis Warsh
Eileen Myles
Karen Yager
Kyle Schlesinger
Ping Chong
Harry Lewis
Dave Gearey
Michael Mann
Bob Crozier
Sol Israel
Barbara Lyons
Sanjay Agnihotri
Daina and Forrest Claypool
--and Anonymous